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In a context where innovation is key to company performance, AFTER-MOUSE.COM offers multi-touch screen and motion recognition solutions based on leading-edge technology. We have solutions geared specifically to the automotive market that give your product an attractive technological dimension.

Standout from your competition with these interactive applications which provide a way to present your products in high definition and in an accessible and engaging way. These dedicated applications are true sales facilitators, which will transform your sales relations by enabling your customers to become active players in the sales process. Your customers can change the options of their chosen vehicle to their personal tastes, and so take ownership. This helps you to enhance your customers' experience and gets you and your customer that much closer to a sale!.

Choosing AFTER-MOUSE.COM is your guarantee of unrivalled service and an enhanced brand image. Some key players in the automotive field as Audi or Mercedes have chosen AFTER-MOUSE.COM and seen a real return on their investment: reduced time to sale, substantially increased visits to dealerships, and increased customer loyalty!

These "à la carte" multi-user applications enable several people to share a magical experience around a multi-touch screen platform. AFTER-MOUSE.COM applications can be configured for independent use by the customer or to be operated by sales staff-it's your choice!

With AFTER-MOUSE.COM, anything is possible: "The only limit is our imagination!"

Groundbreaking new features

Your products in 3-D

Une vue en 3D

Your customers will be able to explore all your products. The user only needs to touch the vehicle of their choice to select it. The vehicle is then displayed in 3-D. This feature enables you to display and promote your entire product range.

Your customer can choose to explore an internal or external view of the vehicle, zoom and rotate it 360° to study every detail.


Customisez les modèles

The models displayed can be adapted to your customer's wishes: choice of bodywork or interior color, wheel design, upholstery fabric, and dashboard material. Your customer can change any item that you have defined, to their taste! A magical customer experience which will help you to strengthen customer loyalty.

Save and send configuration

The customer can use this option to save the configuration and access it later, at any dealership, simply by entering their name and address on the touch screen, using the virtual keyboard. They can also share a picture of their customized vehicle on Facebook, or send it by email or MMS. An easy way to create viral marketing for your brand!

Object recognition with Microsoft® Surface®

Using "Pixel Sense™" technology, Microsoft® Surface® can "see" objects placed on the touch screen unit. Your customers can use this feature to change the vehicle's color or upholstery simply by placing a sample of their preferred color or fabric on the unit. Your customers will be astonished as their vehicle changes like magic!

Loyalty card recognition

Documentation Interactive

You can improve customer loyalty by issuing personalized loyalty cards to your customers, which they use to access a personal account that stores their personal configuration. This also provides a good means for your company to build up its database.

A wide range of other functionalities can be added on request !